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One to two sessions in our Ultrabronze SuperNova is equivalent to ten times the tanning power of a conventional tanning bed. A course of 3 sessions will give you a deep, natural tan. To maintain this tan only 1 or 2 sessions a month is necessary. Your tan will be deep, luscious and golden brown and will last you three times as long as other tans. You will save time and money by not having to tan as often. With tanning in the SuperNova you will have a rich looking tan in just one hour each month.


The essential difference between standard and SuperNova tanning beds is the type of bulbs they use. Instead of the fluorescent tubular bulbs used in standard units, the SuperNova uses quartz bulbs to vary their UV output. In addition, SuperNova has a series of filters in the lamps that block most of the undesirable UVB rays while allowing UVA wavelengths, considered among the best for indoor tanning, to penetrate the skin.


Every living thing sheds (exfoliates) its outer layer, and we normally exfoliate our outer layer of skin about every 28 days. Tanning with UV light accelerates this cycle to somewhere between 5 and 10 days. We fad if we let more than just a few days go between tanning sessions. Also in response to UVB our outer layer of skin thickens as a natural barrier to further UV exposure. It is this thickening that contributes to the appearance of fine-line wrinkles.

The SuperNova virtually tan with only UVA light, and our body is allowed to return to its normal 28-day exfoliation cycle. Tanning in the SuperNova also tans the second and third layers of skin, so, even when your outer layer of skin exfoliates, the layers of skin beneath are still tan. Finally, UVA light does not cause the outer layer of skin to thicken, so tanning in the SuperNova will not contribute to fine-line wrinkles (premature aging).

Tanning in the SuperNova truly is the most advanced way to tan. UVB rays are responsible for burning. The SuperNova has filtered out most UVB rays. Compare this with 17.5% UVB from the sun and 6% from conventional low-pressure beds at other salons.